Blog Every Day In 2011 From The 93rd to 124th Day Of It

I'm a little late to be a part of "Blog Every Day In April," but I think `1that participating in BEDI'11FT93T124DOI is the next best thing. I'm actually not a big fan of blogging; I'd rather write my thoughts in a non-public space. I have enough on my mind without having to worry about what other people will think about what I write.

Conference was good. That's all I have to say.

My science class notes.

I was trying to draw a cartoony T-Rex. On the third attempt I noticed it was starting to look more like a bird. In our Science 101, we were discussing evolution, so I decided that I might as well continue the natural progression. Now the world as some pretty convincing evidence that the dove evolved from the Tyrannosaurus.

After I was done doodling I decided that it was time to get serious, so I wrote the word "EVOLUTION" in progressively darker block letters. By the time I finished that, the class was over.

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